I am Balaji, a CS undergraduate student at SRM University, Chennai, Who is extremely passionate about software development, Web Technologies and open source. In short Engineer by day, programmer by night.

I am interested in backend applications, Web Technologies and Linux. I like programming in C++, C, JS and Python. I also Contribute to Mozilla Foundation by developing add-ons, Web Extensions. I also created few WebVR Scenes using an A-Frame.

Most of the time which I spend is on my laptop – working on projects, building something new and exploring new methods and frameworks in Web. In My free time I always wanted to learn something new about the computers and Technologies. The rest of the time, I love to solve some Algorithmic problems in Online Judges.

This blog is used not only to catalogue projects that I embark on but also to serve as an outlet for my more long-form thoughts on software engineering as both a discipline and an industry.

Feel free to reach out to me at these places.


PS: Best way to reach me is email, telegram or twitter.