MOZOFEST is an annual Three day Open Source Tech Fest. This year it happened at 22nd-24th March 2018 conducted by SRMKZILLA (Mozilla Campus Club).The main objective of the fest was to spread more awareness about the Mozilla Community also about the open source technologies.

These 3 days were full of Hackathons, Workshops on Rust and WebVR and the talks on various intresting topics in SRM FOSS Meetup. I gave a talk on “Opening upto Open Source”. Here is the gist of my talk

This talk gives a complete overview of how to contribute to open source. It covers a various ways of contributing to open source softwares and how to involve with the open source communities. This talk also covers a quick Hands-on session on Open source technologies like Git and Github Work flow and how to start submit your first patch.

There were a different sessions going on simultaneously at the same time. The wide range of diverse topics are

  • Data Science
  • Security
  • Muifactor Authentication
  • Block Chain
  • Ansible Automation, etc

Participats were really enjoyed attending the different sessions on Open Source Technologies.

Among all the sessions One talk I enjoyed very much was “Introduction to Modern Identity” by Mehul Patel. I get to learn a lot of new stuffs on

  • Web Security Vulnerabilities
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Standard Protocols

  Me explaining how to build webextensions  

It was a great experience for me. I was happy to see Viswaprasath, Mehul patel, Dinesh, Karthikeyan, Jayesh and all the other Mozilla reps and Mozillians. I was young among all of them. So I am privileged that I got to talk and interact with those Amazing peoples also I have learnt a lot from them.