Recently I was invited to deliver a talk on “How to build a Web-Extensions?” at NIT Trichy, one of the prestigious institution in India on 10th March 2018. I was really excited and honoured to give a talk there. My entire approach towards this talk was to pitch in more about How to get started with Web-Extensions and give a hands-on session on it.

The session was two part (First is Introduction to Mozilla community and then second part is getting started with Web Extensions.). The event started of with the Barani by explaining students about Mozilla mission and contribution path to Mozilla(Webextensions, webVR, webCompat, MDN, Rust). Also he gave a brief overview about Quality Assurence and how he is contributing.

There were ~60 attendees who were enthusiastic to learn something new and were happy to spend their day for enhancing their skill set.

After the Barani’s session I started of with “Introduction to Web extension” session.Then I explained them about Webextensions, why we moved from SDK to webextensions, students loved the concept of portability. Participants was intrested to know about how does the same code runs seamlessly as Firefox extension as well as Chrome extension. This for sure raised the interest of the students. They are impressed by the concept of “Write once and run anywhere.”

  Me explaining how to build webextensions  

Then after giving a basic overview and Anatomy of the Web extensions. I explained them various webextensions API, and how they can use them to modify functionalities of the browser, students were pretty enthusiastic to know the ease of development.

Then the Hands-on session started. I expalined the codeflow and walked them through the each line of code of “chrome_url_overrides”. We (Me and Barani) helped the participants to Debug the extension and helped the students to run their extensions on their laptop and cleared their doubts. One of the participant was very much interested to know about the Tabs API and asked the lot of doubts based on it. I was happy to answer those questions and explained him clearly about the Tabs API.

Then I showed them how to port same extension to chrome and they were shocked to see the Same code worked on chrome like a charm.

After this, the management gave us a vote of thanks and an unforgettable momento. Totally it was a super awesome crowd with super awesome response. Thanks to Mozilla and the Mozilla reps Trishul and Viswaprasath for giving this opportunity to me. Excited to contribute more to the Mozilla Community.